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Job Opportunity 1

Armed Security Officer

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Note 1:  If you can't work with a team, Don't apply.

Note 2: If  you think you can come to work, and have your way, Don't apply.

Note 3: If you don't want to follow policies and procedures, Don't apply.

Note 4: If you think you won't be able to commit to a schedule, Don't apply.

Note 5: If for any reason your not security conscious, Don't apply.

Note 6:  If you're not serious about being a professional, Don't apply.

Note 7:  The Following Individuals Need Not Apply:

-Architects of Drama. 

-Agents of  Chosen Ineptitude.

-Facilitators of Nonsense.

-Those who intentionally do not clock in and out properly for work.

-Those who think they do not have to clock in and out properly for work.

-Those who choose not to communicate information with their co-workers and supervisors while on duty.

-Those who create doubt in the work place .

-Those that have a slacker trash work ethic.

-Those that are followers of bullshit.

-Those that have no desire to participate in professional development.

-Those who have an angle.

-Those who attempt to bait others into senseless verbal arguments and/or fights, with the intention of trying gain monetary compensation. (Those individuals are bullshit and fucked up, and should seek professional help.)

-Those who put words in other people's mouths.

-Those  that  don't want to work in a structured  work environment.

-Those who choose NOT to have professional "Situational Awareness".

-Those who are selfish and thoughtless.

-Those who just standby and do nothing.

-Those who  apply Peter Pan logic to problem solving.

-Those that choose to be FUBAR instead of doing their jobs.

-Those that  have bias against others in the work place which impedes their professionalism.

-Those that are trustees of improvised and modern chemistry.

-Those who have worked in private security who tell tales of  extraordinary courage against impossible odds and inflated  acts of heroics.

-Those who know what is going on, but pretend they don't know.

-Those who bear false witness against others.

-Those who do not want to grow professionally.

-Those who believe the harassment of others is ok.

-Those with a moral compass so fucked up, they can't find their way to the driveway.

-Those who don't provide direct answers to direct questions.

-Those who explain away problems instead of  attempting to find a solution.

-Those who believe they should be catered to in the work place.

-Those who don't take responsibility for their actions.

-Those Who intentionally misunderstand.

-Those who habitually "FORGET" with regard to important tasking.

-Those who constantly say, "I don't know" when they should.

-Those that play victim when they are discovered to have not followed policies and procedures, who play victim in problems they created, and who incorporate theatrics when they get caught. (WHINERS)

-Those that lie to themselves to be in the right.

-Those that come to work to bother their co-workers.

-Those that don't  mind their own business.

-Those that convolute  reasonable  instructions to keep from performing  their  duties.

-Those that have a problem with authority.

-Those who don't want to conform to California Bureau of Investigative Services mandated training requirements.

-Those that choose to be willfully ignorant.

-Those who are unable and/or unwilling to think for themselves.

-Those who deliberately and knowingly make decisions based on ambiguous, incomplete, and wrong information.

-Those who negate policies and procedures and make up their own rules.

-Those who are unable and unwilling to look evil in the eye, and deal with it.

-Those that  choose to be closed minded .

-Those who allow outside influences  to affect their ability to remain on task.

-Those that question the obvious.

-Those who would rather gossip than do their job.

-Those who don't confirm instructions before execution of them.

-Those who are not willing to put in an honest day's work.

-Those with a smart mouth; aka: NO HOME TRAINING.

-Those that don't want  positive results in the work place.

-Those that constantly make excuses.

-Those that think its ok to show up late for work.

-Those that think its ok to NOT  show up for work when scheduled .

-Those that choose to ignore verbal instruction.

-Those that habitually say why things can't be done.

-Those that speak out of both sides of their mouth.

-Those who don't get things done in a timely fashion.

-Those who need to be convinced they have a job to do.

-Those that ask why they have to do a task they were hired to do.

-Those that choose not to be alert.

-Those that do not take the initiative.

-Those that don't listen to reason.

-Those that fixate on and legitimize absurdity.

-Those that are drag asses, half asses, kiss asses and save asses.

-Those who  choose not to see snow in the middle of winter.

-Those who make things ten times harder than they need to be.

-Those who want to re-invent the wheel.

-Those that want to fix something that is not broken.

-Those Who have hidden agendas.

-Those who come to work to play head games with people.

-Those that Antagonize and Provoke.

-Those that game the system at employers expense.

-Those who fabricate conjecture and perpetuate it as truth.

-Those that are unable to make sound decisions.

-Those that choose not to follow simple instructions.

-Those that practice hate in anyway shape or form.

-Those who would rather undermine people than do their jobs.

-Those that are toxic.

-Those that create hostile work environments.

-Those that choose to be clueless.

-Those that are ill-mannered.

-Those that impede progress.

-Those that benefit from the hard work of others.

-Those who transfer their problems and responsibilities to others.

-Those who feel they don't need to do work related training.

-Those that are accustomed to providing substandard work product.

-Those who have always something they have to do instead of being at their assigned work site to provide physical security and/or patrol.

Note 8:  If an Employee does any of the following actions they are informing Nobility Security and Maritime Solutions they are quitting their job:

-NO CALL/NO SHOW (1 Time).



Note 9:  The purpose for the above information is because security companies have lost contracts because personnel with security credentials who for whatever reason(s) fail to be professional.  In addition, world conditions being what they are, security personnel need to be especially vigilant and have situational awareness not only for the client's property, but for their own personal safety.   Nobility Security and Maritime Solutions employs security professionals who want to do a good job and excel.

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